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Yomi Mizuhara Character Ask 2

Like Yomi mentions here, Tomo Aizawa doesn’t have much in common with Tomo Takino, besides their names. If I’d compare her to anyone from Azumanga Daioh, it’d be Kagura. However, I kinda had an idea for how to have Yomi answer and still provide a fun image to go with it. I’m kinda interested in maybe doing some regular yuri between these two ladies eventually, but for this Ask I think it’s fine for Yomi to defer to Jun.

Yomi Mizuhara Character Ask 1

Azumanga Daioh is an anime I watched a lot with my friends when I was in school. In 2020 I had a moment where I rewatched some of it, and found myself really into Yomi. I sketched a bunch of stuff with her at the time, including a couple pics with Tomo, but only one sketch from that session ended up being finished. I considered dusting off one of the ones with Tomo for this Ask, but decided to put together something new instead. I’d still kind of like to go back to those 2020 sketches sometime, and working on this Ask might be the thing that motivates me to do that (but no promises).

Yomi Anal Play

So, a while back I was watching through some Azumanga Daioh, which I hadn’t watched in years. While I was revisiting the series, I was struck by just how into Yomi I was. I don’t know what it was (I’ve always liked Yomi, but she’s never been my favorite), but I found myself really wanting to draw her. I ended up sketching a bunch of Yomi pics that day, most of them yuri with her classmates. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to inking and coloring those pics, but I’ve been kinda stressed lately and needed a cooldown pic to work on. I’m still really high on Yomi here, and decided to ink and color the one solo pic of her from those sketches just as something fun to work on for my own sake. I hope you guys enjoy seeing her, though, and if people seem into it I might go back and pick up some of those other drawings for future releases.