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Mina Ashido Character Ask 6

This one seemed obvious to me, as it’s extremely easy for me to picture Ashido pegging a dude who wants to be pegged. I think she’d enjoy it quite a bit. The hard part here was choosing who she’d be demonstrating on, as any of the 1-A boys in the Studio would’ve worked for this. I went with Aoyama for a couple reasons. One is how she already dominated him in the sports festival, but also he has very submissive and breedable energy that makes him a good bottom. He’s also just never appeared in my work outside of the U.A. Wall series, and this was a good chance to change that.

U.A. Wall – Yuga Aoyama

So next up for the U.A. Wall series is Yuga Aoyama, the boy who just can’t stop twinkling. I’m a little surprised that, of all the U.A. students in the show, nobody’s asked if Aoyama would be included in this series (despite most of his classmates getting inquiries at some point or another). I understand why he may not be the most popular of the supporting cast, but I always thought he was cute, and his sort of arrogance is perfect for a situation like this one. This is Aoyama’s first pic ever in my work, so it’s quite the welcome to the Near Hentai Studio. ^_^