Perverted School Bios – Akimoto Kumiko

This is something new I’m trying. I’m calling it “Perverted School,” simply because I lack the creativity to come up with something more original. I have built a class of twenty-five students, who I will share with you and only you, this will not extend beyond the blog. For now I’m just posting bios and images of the characters, but pretty soon I’ll start posting images more in line with the theme of this blog.

This is Akimoto Kumiko, the first student of Perverted School I will be sharing with you. Akimoto is something of a sidekick to Yamashita Yumi, the queen of the school (we will meet her later, along with her other sidekick, Inoue Ayumu). Beyond this trifecta, Kumiko is also in a relationship with Fujiwara Michiyo (who will likely be the next student I introduce you to). She is the counterpart to Watanabe Chiakiof Pai Sakura’s group.

Xi Chi is extremely selfish, as evident in her dominant relationship with Michiyo. She takes what she wants, and answers to no one but Yumi. She is exceptionally bright, and will use her wits and charisma to manipulate others. She is a member of the track team, although she isn’t very fast with her short legs. She is distrustful of Ayumu, but puts up with her for Yumi’s sake.

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