Squid Girl Yuri Pairing 1 (Eiko)

I’ve been meaning for some time to do something with the anime “Squid Girl”. I started watching it shortly after the main character’s costume was added to the game “Splatoon”, and I really like it. If you want a quick taste of the series, you can check out this AMV I did of it here. It’s very distinct from other moe moe anime, but more importantly it’s chock-full of sexy characters.

I would have done something with this show a long time ago, but I kept having trouble deciding what I wanted to do with the series. Eventually I decided to structure it, so here’s my plan: I’m going to draw Squid Girl with each of the prominent female characters in the show, in the order she meets them in. There are a lot, but I have ideas for each pairing and am honestly really excited for this series of pics.

Eiko is the first person Squid Girl really talks to after coming to the surface. Squid Girl’s goal is to conquer humanity, but Eiko isn’t intimidated by her at all and quickly has her waiting tables in her beach-side restaurant. Eiko and Squid Girl argue a lot, but it’s clear throughout the show that the two care for each other in spite of that, so I decided to make this picture a bit more cutesy, with Eiko playing big sister to the smaller Squid Girl. Anyone who’s seen the show and its “Mini Squid Girl” segments will probably understand why I like this dynamic for them.

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