Huey and Riley Character Ask 2

Here’s another Character Ask directed at Huey and Riley. This one is asking about their first time together, a subject I had actually been discussing with one of the regulars on my blog not too long ago. I had written up a short outline for Huey and Riley at that time, and basically just paraphrased it here for the answer. I misunderstood the crying part, it seems, as I read it as a sad thing but they later messaged me saying he meant it more as, like, crying from happiness. Oops.



  1. illLocus

    So I understand that the person who had asked the question was a regular on your patron, but I think one of the best things is just making it up yourself, so what I’m saying is I really don’t care for the images without intercourse. But with that being said the design is a amazing like usual and no matter what you should do whatever you enjoy making.

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