Gon Freecss Character Ask 8

So, um… Yesterday I discovered that this Ask had somehow slipped through the cracks. It should have been posted probably some time in August, but I guess when I shared it with my supporters I forgot to add it to the schedule. Hopefully this isn’t something that’s happened before, and there are other pics I just forgot to post here. ^_^; I’m sharing it now, but that’s why the background and presentation don’t fit with the current CA approach.

Anyway, this Ask is in reference to a line from the show. The implication in the source material is than Gon went on fairly innocent activities with the older women who visited Whale Island, but obviously I had to take things a different direction.


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  1. M4x

    Good Gon piglet and good Nearphotison because you can always capture the moment of the characters. I adore you, keep it up

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