Nami Character Ask 1

I don’t have too much to say about this Ask, sorry. I feel like the One Piece characters who are in the NH Studio would likely still hang out together in their new environment, so she probably wouldn’t miss them. Maybe some of them I haven’t drawn, but I’ve got a good chunk of the crew employed. ^_^ Her first appearance in my work was a crossover pic with Videl, so if she has any friends outside of the Star Hat crew, it’s probably her? (Though the Ask wasn’t specifically about friends, just asking how she’s doing.)


  1. molecule

    It’s interesting that your Nami barely has any waist to hip difference.
    Which I kind of like. She’s normally portrayed in almost comical proportions, but this also looks good on her.

  2. Robert Dupree

    I got a request for nearphotison’s character ask. It’s for Goten and Trunks. Hey goten and trunks, can I kiss you both and have sex?

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