Crimvael Character Ask 1

So, naturally, this Ask is just following up on the previous pic I did of Crim and Zel. That pic was really more about size comparison, playing into the gag of the show about Crim having a ridiculously big cock. That premise is by its design a tease, of course, so it makes sense to me people would want to see a more “hardcore” take on the pairing. I was happy to provide that, as I’m pretty into seeing Zel get fucked (by anyone, but Crim doing it is rather nice). The hard part was having Crim articulate an answer. They get so flustered around sex, even after having it a number of times, it almost seems out of character for them to answer as calmly as most of the characters I draw do (although it’s also out of character for Zel to take a dick up the ass, but I do that sort of OOC work all the time). Anyway, I hope the final result is satisfactory. ^_^

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