Kaori Makimura Character Ask 1

My reasons for choosing this question to do an answer for are a bit selfish. I’d really like to keep Kaori around and relevant for a little bit, as I’m very fond of her. I don’t want her only appearance to be the one comic page, though I do think that’s a pretty good appearance. I don’t think within the canon of City Hunter that Kaori has an interest in women, or has been with women (at least, based on what I’ve seen of it), but as far as this version of Kaori goes I think she definitely does. The Saeko mentioned here is Saeko Nogami, a police woman who sometimes collaborates with the City Hunters. When she and Kaori first meet, there’s a bit of sexual tension (Saeko’s a bombshell), and I think it’d make sense if she was Kaori’s first time with a woman. As for the other clients, there’s too many of them to speculate on individual ones. There’s a running gag about Kaori being tomboyish to the point she’s sometimes mistaken for a bishounen prettyboy, and I think that element to her character would lead to some fun lesbian romps. As critical as she is of the main guy, Ryo, hitting on their clients, though, I felt it was also important that she defend herself as different from him in that regard.


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