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Kobeni Higashiyama Character Ask 1

Kobeni has a brief line about her options for earning money for her family, where she mentions prostitution as something she could’ve done besides devil hunting. Now, I’m not advocating for prostitution as a great job here or anything, however I did kinda like the idea of Kobeni reconsidering that once she’s lived the NH Studio lifestyle a bit. For her partner here I went with Kaori from City Hunter, ’cause she reminds me a bit of the lady Kobeni gravitated to during the drinking party, which is my headcannon for her type now.

Satsuki Kiryuin Character Ask 2

I think Satsuki might care a little bit more about her perceived popularity than she lets on here, since she went through the trouble of making sure she had a “fan” on hand when she could’ve just answered this solo. I’ve been wanting to do more with Satsuki for a minute, and I’ve got a good handful of sketches with her, but I just never seem to have the time to get to them. As for her partner here, Kaori’s another lady I wish I’d drawn more often, and I think she makes an interesting pair with Satsuki for this Ask.

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 4

I don’t actually know how much Kaori and Ryo’s tastes would overlap. Pretty much every episode of City Hunter has Ryo obsessing over some new beautiful woman tied to that episode’s case, but I think the only consistent element to these women is that they’re all conventionally attractive. I thought pairing Kaori with a new girl in the Studio would be fun, though, and I kind of just leaned into how I felt she’d feel about the comparison, rather than analyzing any actual similarities. I went with Machi, since I haven’t drawn her for a bit and I felt she’d be a nice fit (also there’s probably some kind of pun in the names of their respective properties). Kaori’s had a pretty good spread of female partners in Asks so far, though I would like to draw her with some of the ladies from her own show eventually (Saeko in particular).

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 3

So, I assume this question was meant to pull characters from eighties and nineties shows, more than characters who’s shows were set in the eighties (though a lot of them overlap). There’s plenty of characters I could’ve used who did live in the eighties; April O’Neil comes immediately to mind. However, I really wanted to do something with Kaori and Kei, who are two characters I like in a very similar way. Basically I just wanted to draw them together, so that’s what I did!

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 2

I’m really happy Kaori seems to have picked up some fans and is getting questions for Asks. I was thinking about this question, trying to think of anyone around the Studio she might want to work with, but it wasn’t clicking quite right. When it comes to Kaori in yuri content, the main thing I want to do is pair her with other women from City Hunter. She mentions Saeko in her answer, but there were other one-episode characters I thought she’d pair well with, too. However, Asks can only use characters who’ve been established in my work already, and the question seemed to be more about the Studio setting, so I did pick someone to pair her with. Kipo’s showed up in a few other people’s Asks now, and I kinda find it easy to picture her making lots of friends and getting involved in people’s Asks like this. It just fits my understanding of her character and how she’d fit into an environment like the Near Hentai Studios. So I pulled her in here for this, partly for that, and partly because I liked the idea of a 1985 anime character scissoring a 2015 webcomic-turned-western cartoon character. They couldn’t be from much different worlds.

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 1

My reasons for choosing this question to do an answer for are a bit selfish. I’d really like to keep Kaori around and relevant for a little bit, as I’m very fond of her. I don’t want her only appearance to be the one comic page, though I do think that’s a pretty good appearance. I don’t think within the canon of City Hunter that Kaori has an interest in women, or has been with women (at least, based on what I’ve seen of it), but as far as this version of Kaori goes I think she definitely does. The Saeko mentioned here is Saeko Nogami, a police woman who sometimes collaborates with the City Hunters. When she and Kaori first meet, there’s a bit of sexual tension (Saeko’s a bombshell), and I think it’d make sense if she was Kaori’s first time with a woman. As for the other clients, there’s too many of them to speculate on individual ones. There’s a running gag about Kaori being tomboyish to the point she’s sometimes mistaken for a bishounen prettyboy, and I think that element to her character would lead to some fun lesbian romps. As critical as she is of the main guy, Ryo, hitting on their clients, though, I felt it was also important that she defend herself as different from him in that regard.

Kids Get Special Treatment

As part of a larger project I’m working on, I recently made an AMV of the 80’s action-comedy series City Hunter (it’s not publicly available at this time). I’d been curious about City Hunter for a while, and took to it while making the video. The show has a different new character the protagonists are helping every episode, always a beautiful young woman that the main character, Ryo Saeba, will hit on constantly throughout the episode. Like with every classic anime pervert, Kaori Makimura acts as his counter-measure, ready to smash him with a comedy hammer whenever she catches him going to far. There’s a handful of these one-off women I’m pretty interested in, and maybe I’ll revisit this series to draw them or some of the recurring characters again in the future.
In episode twelve of the original series, titled “Kids Get Special Treatment: A Beautiful Lady from a Dangerous Land”, the duo are protecting a young woman who’s travelling with a boy (they’re teacher/student). Throughout the episode, Ryo gets jealous that the boy (Takuya) is able to do things like take baths and share a bed with his teacher (Kawada Atsuko). Takuya’s just as perverted as Ryo, and eventually starts to grope and harass Ryo’s partner, Kaori. It’s all played for laughs, and Kaori has some pretty funny reactions to the boy just randomly grabbing her at different points.
The first panel of this comic is basically just a recreation of a scene from the episode, though Kaori’s reaction is a bit different here. I just found myself really drawn to these two as a straight shota pairing, and couldn’t settle on just one picture of them. I considered doing a series of pic, like I did with my “After the Cell Games” series, but since these characters aren’t as widely known as Gohan and Chi-Chi I thought it might be more prudent to do a single-page comic like we have here. This way I can include a bit more of a narrative, and panels like that first one, to give context to the sex.
I don’t much expect to draw Takuya again (although never say never), but I’d definitely like to do a bit more with Kaori down the road. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I’m very fond of her. Now that I’m no longer working on that AMV, it’s possible my interest will fade and I’ll forget about her and the show, but if I can get out another pic or two before that happens I’d like to try.