Son Goku Character Ask 17

So, obviously Goku and Frieza’s original canonical relationship is very different than his relationships with, say, Gohan or Chi-Chi, or even Vegeta. Part of why I wanted to pair them, though, is I always felt there was this interesting tension that could be interpreted as sexual between them, even in their original battle on Namek. I’m not sure if I can explain it if anyone else doesn’t see it, but something about their dynamic (particularly when they’re trying to show off to each other, more than later in the fight when Krillin’s dead) makes them feel perfect for the kind of hate-fuck-turned-passionate story I’ve tried to do in Space Emperor Slut. That comic started in 2015, however, and I feel like for the studio versions of these characters their dynamic has probably changed a lot. So that initial release of tension is well in the past, but I wanted to acknowledge how well Frieza’s fallen into his new role.

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