Monkey D. Luffy Character Ask 11

Like Luffy mentions here, he has performed in what I’m calling a “live sex show” in the NHS strip club before. It was a One-Shot I did in November of 2019, but I think what this Ask is aiming at is more along the pole dancing variety. I don’t know why, but I just can’t picture Luffy doing that, personally. Maybe I think he’d just goof off and not be sexy, it’s easy to picture a humorous image of him wrapping around the pole like a snake and grinning like an idiot. So for that reason it’s not something I’m personally interested in drawing, but I felt like it was a concept worth adressing.


  1. Animeseven

    If anything, would be hilarious Luffy using the pole, but I agree lol I can see more he fucking a boy or girl while they use the pole. And Luffy’s flaccid cock looks amazing here, hot ask!!

    Btw, I nominate Casca from Berserk for NHML, Near ^^

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