Genki Sakura Character Ask 1

So I couldn’t really show Genki with another monster here, since Asks are meant to be limited to characters I’ve drawn before. However, I did want to try drawing him again. The first pic this question is referencing was drawn back in 2016, and I’m not really happy with it anymore. I do like Genki, though, so I kinda see this Ask as a way to see how interested people might be in seeing more of him. As for partners, of the core group in Monster Rancher I really only see Tiger and Hare as good options. Mochi’s basically a baby, so that’s a little weird, I have no idea where a cock would go on Suezo, and the idea of taking a rocky cock from Golem sounds more painful than anything. However, there’s lots of other monsters, too, and I always saw Genki as being a bit similar to Ash when I’ve drawn him with a variety of Pokémon.


    1. Alex Caldwell

      An Ash and Genki duo would be sooooo cute together! When Genki said his name means energy and no one could match his, Ash is a boy who can match his energy.

  1. Bud16

    Genki looks absolutely amazingly adorable. Would love to see him and Ash together doing a one-shot or a comic together. Please keep drawing more of Genki. We need more Genki

  2. Go

    Monster Rancher doesn’t get enough attention, I’d love to see Genki with Tiger again, or some of the other monsters like Dino’s or Zuum.

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