Darkness Character Ask 1

A big part of Darkness’ character is that she harbors fantasies of being defeated, captured and taken by force by some evil entity or monster. Her strong masochist streak is heavily suppressed, so she’d never admit it, but she longs to be violated and gets aroused at just the thought or suggestion of it. I decided to show her in such a state, but didn’t feel like showing anyone with her would really fit her answer. Since the only other time I drew her you couldn’t see much of her body, I figured this would be a good chance to rectify that and put her in a prone, on-display position.

Also, if you’d like to see the Q&A video I did for subscribers last month, you can watch it here:


  1. Deku#1hiro

    Thank You Near-Sensei for choosing my question but aside from that, this is great artwork and I’m finally happy to see Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness finally in the NHS hope to see them together or in character asks and I can’t wait to see what’s planned next for them

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