Potia Creole Character Ask 1

I don’t expect most people to remember/recognize Potia. She was a wandering knight in my old comic Eromugen, a bit of a badass who was meant to get into straight shota shenanigans with her squire, Liak. Of course, Eromugen ended up petering out, and really only Siat from that comic still makes appearances in my work these days. Somebody wanted to see Potia make an appearance, though, and I liked the idea. So we get a little bit of an update on her situation in the Studio, plus the bonus of this being her first time appearing nude (since we never got to any scenes with her in the comic). I feel like my art style has evolved a bit since her last appearance, but hopefully she’s still recognizable for anyone who’s read Eromugen in the past.

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