Service for Master Killua

So I got the itch to do something with Killua and Canary again recently, and I thought it’d be fun to throw Amane in as well. I fell out of HxH before she showed up, but I did see a lot of her when getting reference material for Alluka ages ago. Her design’s not much, really, but she is cute, and I liked what I saw of her while skimming through those episodes. I thought a little double-blowjob from these two lasses for their young master would be a lot of fun, and I kinda see it as Killua’s version of the Phantom Troupe pic Gon got a while back.


    1. Backlog

      Killua is canonically attracted to women… Personally, I like to see him as bi ’cause I do ship him with Gon, but he’s definitely not 100% gay. Just see how he crushes on the Gold Dust Girl card on Greed Island, for example.

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