Gon Freecss Character Ask 16

I like the idea of Killua trying on a bunch of different outfits for his Trap Sluts shoot (a series I’ve recently decided to retitle, “Near’s Drag Race”, to distance myself from any terms that might be seen as slurs), but Gon just enthusiastically approves of each one. Killua gets frustrated that Gon’s simping too hard for him, and just pics the outfit we see in the shoot. Anyway, I thought people might like seeing Killua dolled up like this again, even though the nudity rule for Asks means he couldn’t be in the full outfit.


  1. DBfan

    Oh yes! Near make more likes this with the other traps please, characters ask or something else. It would be Amazing to see again someone as Trunks, Uub or the others in their trap outfits.

  2. Devin

    Killua has the best clothes in Hunter X Hunter (and for special events he has to look his best) which means Gon gets a sexy fashion show!

    Although they both think the other one looks best in his birthday suit!

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