Liak Burs Character Ask 1

Liak here is another character from my old fantasy comic, Eromugen. His role in that comic was as the squire to Potia Creole, who would follow her around and admire her. The plan was for them to have side adventures to the main plot, usually with Potia ending up in some sort of compromising position, and Liak being unable to control himself and taking advantage of her. Basically like the “step mom gets stuck in dryer” videos you’ll see on Pornhub sometimes, although I think that trope wasn’t as common in live action porn back then. At any rate, this question feels kinda like asking him if he’s a top or a bottom to me, and so I had him answer with his original role in mind. I do realize that I could’ve had him using his cock to maybe spice up the answer a bit, but with these very old OCs I feel like their first Asks are sort of a re-introduction, so I’m focusing more on fine-tuning and presenting their designs here than I am putting them to work.

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