Bean Character Ask 1

Bean’s a character who I’m really fond of, but I don’t draw that often as her pics usually don’t get much response. That might be due to my own struggles with translating the Matt Groening style, or it might be to Disenchantment being much less popular than The Simpsons or Futurama, but either way I was happy to see her get an Ask submitted this month. Mora’s my main ship for her in the show, too, so it wasn’t hard for me to decide on answering this one. As for their relationship in the Studio, I’ve always pictured characters who need to live in water staying at a Studio aquarium, though with the sci-fi and magic at the Studio’s disposal it wouldn’t be hard for someone like Mora to get a human body to walk around in. Maybe she would for a date night or something, but I think she’d prefer to stay a mermaid most of the time, and let Bean come and visit her to catch up and have fun together.

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