Naoto Hachioji Character Ask 1

Naoto debuted in the same pic as Nagatoro, but due to how that pic was framed I’ve never actually drawn his face before. I think Naoto’s cute, but he’s not one of my favorites, so I haven’t gone out of my way to draw him anywhere since then. However, I did kinda like the idea of this pic when I read the Ask. Naoto’s designed to look cute being flustered/frustrated while being bullied by Nagatoro, and I think that energy translates well into a soft bottom boy. I considered trying to find someone else in the Studio who might bully him, but in the end I decided I’d rather draw him in an anon gangbang.


  1. Deku14all

    I really hope Naoto gets utaliized more in the studio I think he’d make for a perfect Bottom fingers crossed if he appears in the future

  2. Aramitama

    It would be cute seeing him do studio dares, or maybe partner him up with someone like bakugou who would be perfect for bullying Naoto, we need to see more of him ❤️

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