Kurenai Kōgetsu NHML

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady is Kurenai from Edens Zero. I don’t know much about this series, so I browsed her Fandom page for info. I saw Valkyrie Yuna and Homura (Kurenai’s biological daughter and Yuna’s adoptive one) both coming up a lot. I don’t think there’s any point in the show where something like this could’ve happened, but I liked it better any other ideas I had for her so this is the direction I went. I had to watch a lot of scenes of these three when planning this pic, and while I’d originally written Edens Zero off as Fairy Tail in space, to my surprise it seems to actually be quite a bit worse than Fairy Tail. At the very least, the arc these three appear in seems completely rancid to me, hopefully I don’t have to brush against this series too much in the future.

Yuna is a robot, and is shown to have robotic fingers in the show… sometimes? I tried to pin down how her body should be drawn, but came back with more questions than answers. Her hands are usually robotic, but her feet don’t seem to be. Then I found a bath scene she’s in, where even her hands look human, so I just drew her human-looking.

With this post, NHML nominations for the month of February are now open. For those who don’t know, I’ll run down the rules real quick. Nominations are limited to one per person. You can nominate any female character you want, provided I have not drawn her within the past calendar year (though I prefer characters I’ve never drawn, period). Previous NHML winners are not eligible for a second time. Nominees must also not be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, Edens Zero. If you violate any of those rules, I’ll let you know, and you can nominate someone else. I know it can be hard to keep track of these things. You may nominate by either commenting in the cBox, commenting on this post, or emailing me (Nearphotison2010@yahoo.com). I’ll compile a list of the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and then on February 1st I will use a randomizer to select the winning character who I will proceed to draw sometime that month. I look forward to seeing who you all nominate this time around!


  1. GH20

    I expected Kurenai (obviously) and Homura, but this Valkyrie Yuna girl is a surprise to me.
    Haven’t watch Edens Zero, so i just based myself of google, but regardless, congrats to the actual Edens Zero fans who keep nominating like 7 characters per month, you guys finally did it.

    Oh, and of course: I nominate Haachama (hololive) for NHML

  2. Violetty

    I have to look for the reference for this pic one of these days 😍 so hot!

    I nominate Shahdee from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. An underrated lady, in my opinion.

    Also, am I allowed to nominate Rule 63 versions of Male characters or only canonical Female characters? Just curious

    1. Post
      1. Violetty

        Alrighty. Is there a specific day you clear out the nominations list? I’m curious to see the whole list this time before it’s removed for the next NHML

        1. GH20

          You mean cleaning the list? That happens right after the NHML was made.
          So basically, early on the 1st of every month.

          1. Violetty

            Ahhh, okay! Maybe it won’t be updated as much in a week before then. I’d just like to see how many nominations there are. Looks like quite alot in a short period as is!

  3. netero09

    Well, i like it more than i expected honestly, at least mashima is good with his characters designs cus is the only thing he really know what to do

    I also, nominate Yoruichi from bleack for february

    1. GH20

      By the way, nominating the same character twice does not help.

      Only the first nomination matters, every dup of the same character doesn’t help, as it ain’t run by votes, and it’s basically a wasted nomination.

      And finally, kinda sus you both nominated the same character so close between the other…

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