Dark Elf Twins

Here’s a commission I fulfilled recently. This is Mare Bello Fiore and his twin sister Aura Bella Fiora, two of the NPCs under Ainz’ command in Overlord. I wanted to draw these two for a long time now but, like many more before them, I just haven’t been able to find the time. Here they are now, though, with a couple anon dicks having a good time. Maybe I’ll get the chance to draw them again some day, who knows. Anyway, enjoy!

Clementine Loves Her Blades

So this is another Mini Commission. The backer in this instance wanted Clementine (of Overlord, sorry TWD fans) on all fours with one of her weapons sticking out of her butt. So, that’s what we’ve got here, haha. While I do get why someone would be drawn to her (she reminds me a bit of Bible Black’s Jody Crowley, who was my favorite girl in that series), I have kind of a personal dislike towards her due to things she did in the show (but no spoilers). That being said, I do not expect to draw her again, though there are a good number of other characters from Overlord I would like to get to one of these days (but we’ll see).