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Allister Character Ask 4

Allister is one of those characters who I like, but mostly in passing, but is also really well-received whenever I draw him despite me having no real ideas for him. So, like the other characters who fit that specific criteria, I try and fit in Asks for him every now and then for the people who like seeing him. I had a different situation in mind for him at first, but it wasn’t working as well as I would’ve liked in the Ask dimensions, so I retooled it into a simple full nelson pic, which I think is always fun.

Allister Character Ask 1

I feel like this Ask was likely looking to see Allister pair up with another character. I spent a lot of time thinking about who would be a good fit, maybe someone else connected to ghosts or the like, but I just wasn’t connecting with any of the ideas I was having. The whole time, though, I was picturing this image, which I really liked. I wanted to do this Ask, partly because I needed a yaoi one to break up the straight and yuri content I’ve been working on, but also because people seemed to really like his debut pic and I thought they might like seeing him again. So I went with my gut instinct, showing Allister connecting with someone but not necessarily making friends with another named character in the Studio.

Allister’s Onion-Butt

When Allister was first introduced for Pokémon Sword and Shield, I knew I would probably be drawing him eventually. The only question, really, was when and under what circumstances. Turns out, the answer is: Now, and for a Mini Commission. The instructions for this Mini Commission were just for him to be showing off his butthole and the soles of his feet and, well… Here ya go! I hope y’all like it.