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Philip J. Fry Character Ask 1

I probably would’ve done something with Fry and Leela before now if I wasn’t always worrying about how Groening’s characters look in my style. I’m sticking here with an approach I tried in Marge’s Character Ask, which I think is a nice middle ground between drawing them completely different from how I draw everyone else, and making them not look like themselves. Hopefully people will enjoy this one, ’cause I am fond of these characters and wouldn’t mind revisiting them more often.
I had this idea of Fry trying to do something cute when Leela arrived in the Studio, but I figured it’d fall flat on his face. A simple dumb prank seemed fitting, though clearly they’ve moved past that by now.

Carnal Kingdom – Tiabeanie Sold

So this commission is a follow-up to last month’s featuring Bean on sale, just like the previous Carnal Kingdom commissions I’ve done. While that pic implied it was demons of the Carnal Kingdom who drunk Bean under the table to capture her, it seems she’s lucked out in finding a buyer who is also a prolific drinker, so she’ll never have to worry about being sober for too long.