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Fusion Bios – Chun-Chi

Here’s a Fusion Bio page for Chun-Chi. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Chun-Chi, since the two characters she’s mixed from are pretty similar already. That also translates into her fashion, but hey a fair number of people still seem to be fond of her regardless.

Also, for anyone interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

NHS Fusions – Chun-Chi

The theme for this fusion poll was big booty ladies, and I took a few suggestion from Discord as to who to include on it. The two winners, Chi-Chi and Chun-Li, both were included for that reason (Chi-Chi canonically isn’t known for her ass or anything, but the way I draw her she is). I kinda think I wouldn’t have used them both if I’d thought about it, because I am a little disappointed two characters who already share a lot aesthetically won. The resulting fusion is hot, of course, but not terribly interesting. Just another woman with a traditional Chinese aesthetic like both of her base characters. I actually think Chun-Chi here looks a little like Juri Han, due to the combination of a Street Fighter-type face and the bangs, but hopefully she’s still able to distinguish herself a bit to you all.