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Clancy Gilroy Character Ask 1

I picked this question to answer just because I really like Clancy and wanted to take another stab at him. His answer here was sort of stream-of-conscious, I wasn’t sure what he was going to say until I started writing it. I think his answer makes sense, though. In The Midnight Gospel he conducts interviews while navigating zombie apocalypses are being chopped into ground beef or other crazy stuff, so it makes sense in the Studio he’d conduct them while having sex. As for his partner, I pulled out Vegeta since he missed out on the chance to fuck Asta just a few Asks ago. I also liked this position Vegeta used when he fucked Bakugou, so we’re trying it out again.

In-Depth Interview

This here’s Clancy Gilroy, the main character of Netflix’s “The Midnight Gospel”. The series has a simplified art style similar to Adventure Time, so I tried to blend that a bit with my usual approach. I added details like nipples and finger/toenails, but kept things like four-digit hands and feet. I knew pretty much as soon as I saw him that I’d want to try and do something with Clancy, and in the end I went with something simple but direct. Let me know if y’all like him or would like to see more of him in the future.