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So I feel like I need to discuss the reason this pic exists. Some of you may remember recently I did a pic of Holli Would and Jessica Rabbit with Bonkers. When I was sharing the details of that commission with my younger sister, she got really excited about Holli Would. She had never seen Cool World before, but she was really into Holli’s design so I showed her the movie. She didn’t care for it, but she still was really into Holli. Separately, I had found a YouTube channel dedicating to editing together crossovers from different animated movies, typically to create strange or interesting yuri pairings (mostly between Disney princesses). One video on this channel shipped Holli Would with Thumbelina, the protagonist of a Don Bluth film that was that same sister of mine’s favorite animated movie when we were kids. Since it shipped this new crush of hers with an old favorite, I had to show her the clip, and she predictably loved it. YouTube then decided to start recommending me videos from a different, similar channel, once that pretty much exclusively did Holli Would/Thumbelina videos (apparently the video we’d seen before was a gift to this person). So we watched a bunch of those, and my sister got more and more into the ship. I kinda liked them, too, as Thumbelina’s childlike innocence paired well with Holli’s overt sexuality. These videos all called Thumbelina just “Lina”, I assume because she was not thumb-sized in any of them, and seemed to take place in their own continuity. I’m no expert on that ship or the fandom, but I did notice several other similar channels pairing them up (amongst other crack pairings). I feel like this is not really any stranger than many of the pairings I’ve portrayed in the Studio before, so I decided to go ahead and draw them at least once.
I’m not confident I won’t return to this pairing, as I do like them together. However, I would also kinda like to draw Thumbelina with some of the characters from her movie, as well (there are a couple anthro ladies I kinda want to see her with, maybe). I’d been considering doing something with Thumbelina for a bit, anyway, as I like the idea of having a bunch of tiny characters in the Studio living in their own small town… Although we had to size her up a bit for this appearance, at least.

Toon Smash

This commission brings together three fairly similar properties. The blonde here is Holli Would from Cool World, a film that often described as a darker, more adult-themed spin on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, while Bonkers here is basically Disney’s attempt to make a Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoon series without having to negotiate copyright with the other studios tied to that film. And of course, Jessica Rabbit herself is from the movie both these other franchises are often compared to. Holli and Jessica are both characters I’ve flirted with drawing in the past, but just haven’t for one reason or another. Now that the ice has been broken with them, maybe I can return to one or both somewhere down the line. We’ll see.