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The 1 Club – A Link Into Xandir

When I was thinking about what 1 Club pic to do next, it occurred to me it’d been about a year since I first drew Xandir and that Link had more than ten pics. The pairing kind of made too much sense, even though most of the 1 Club pics so far haven’t had a super strong connection between the characters. Still, I thought it’d be fun to see Link fucking a character parodying him, so here we are.

Xandir Captured

It’s been ages since I watched Drawn Together, but there were a handful of characters in that show I was really into back when it was airing. Xandir’s the only male one I’m into (probably ’cause he’s a parody of Link, who I’m also into), but I recently just got the itch to draw him. He’s always talking about being on a never-ending quest to save his boyfriend (or girlfriend in the first episode, before he came out), but I wanted to see what it might look like if he was the one who needed rescuing.