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Put Them Together and What Have You Got?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella after I first drew her. This has lead to doing a series of AI-assisted fanfics focused on her, which has in turn made me want to draw her more. FG/Cinderella content was probably inevitable, but I think working on these fics pushed it ahead faster. So here’s a simple pic of Cinderella eating out her Fairy Godmother, which I hope y’all will enjoy as much as I enjoyed drawing it.

Fairy Godmother Character Ask 1

I always figured if I drew the Fairy Godmother again, it’d be a pic with Cinderella, but this was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up. The Fairy Godmother falls very neatly into Corey Park’s type, and I imagine there’s a good chance this Asker was expecting to get Corey as the answer here. Also, a number of people seemed to wish her previous pic had included anal of some sort, so this Ask was also a good chance to provide that for them.


This is one I don’t expect everyone to be on-board with, but when I was working on that Cinderella Suspended pic a while back I was reminded of how much I like the Fairy Godmother from that film. She’s just so round and friendly looking, and I think her design is extremely pleasant, so I wanted to draw her. At first I was going to have her be fully nude, but I quickly realized I wasn’t positive what her hair under her hood would look like… In the end I decided her lifting up her robes to show off the goods would be the best way around this, and if I draw her again she will probably be at least partially cloaked for this same reason.