This is one I don’t expect everyone to be on-board with, but when I was working on that Cinderella Suspended pic a while back I was reminded of how much I like the Fairy Godmother from that film. She’s just so round and friendly looking, and I think her design is extremely pleasant, so I wanted to draw her. At first I was going to have her be fully nude, but I quickly realized I wasn’t positive what her hair under her hood would look like… In the end I decided her lifting up her robes to show off the goods would be the best way around this, and if I draw her again she will probably be at least partially cloaked for this same reason.


  1. Frank

    I would have preferred one of any of Cindy’s step family, but this is really good too. A more open and exposed view of that delightful back hole would usually be the way to go but the more concealed way you chose is stimulating in a playful coquettish kinda fashion that an older woman might use to entice a younger lover.
    Or maybe I’m thinking way too much about this, either way it’s a good pic of a rarely fantasized about character. Speaking of which the stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella would make for excellent foot fetish material.

  2. Don Azazel Valentine

    I actually love this not enough gilf content out there especially of her so this is some top teir content and im hopeful to see more

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