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Giyu Tomioka Character Ask 1

Giyu’s a character I don’t really know anything about, so it’s hard for me to write answers for him even if I think he makes a good bottom. Until I decided to answer this Ask I wasn’t even sure if he was a villain or not, and I still don’t really know anything about him other than recognizing what characters from other anime he reminds me of. I had this itch to have him paired up with, and mocked by, Geto and Gojo, though, just ’cause I think their energy would contrast well against his. Hopefully it’s a fun match-up for y’all, too.

Giyu Pin-Up

So, on my SubscribeStar I ran a little game with my Subscribers. I’d seen something similar done by other creators, and thought it seemed fun, so we played a guessing game where my Subscribers had to try and figure out what cartoon I was thinking about. Someone eventually got it, and the reward was a pin-up of a character of their choosing. They went with Giyu of Demon Slayer, a character they’d championed in the past, and this is what I came up with. I don’t know much about this guy, but I hope fans of his will enjoy seeing him here.