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Launch Character Ask 1

This is a case of an Ask fishing for a pairing that I thought would be fun to draw, that I probably wouldn’t get around to doing anything with otherwise. I think if we ever see Tien canonically paired with someone in Dragon Ball at this point, it’ll probably be Yurin, but for the longest time Tien’s most likely straight ship was presented as Launch. I do kinda like this pairing, and I’m totally down for the idea that they’d hook up in the Studio. I didn’t have any interesting twist to present on it, though, so I went with a blunt response instead.

Studio Tour 5 – Riley/Launch

This was one of the first ideas I had when I started the Studio Tour series. I ended up pushing it back a bit for a couple other ideas, but now I get to present it here. I could’ve used almost any girl in the studio for Riley’s partner here, but I wanted someone who I’ve only used a couple times and want to use more but don’t have many good ideas for. So Launch it is. ^_^

Launch Off

I first sketched this Launch pic up back when she was in the One-Shot back in February. It’s been sitting unfinished in my work folder for a long time, but I decided to pick it up between larger projects as something I could wrap up fairly quickly. I think the end result is pretty nice, hopefully the Launch fans out there will be happy to have a little more content of her out there. ^_^

February ’18 One-Shot

This is the one-shot comic for February, which was completed one month ago today. Not only did my supporters get to the this comic (at full size) then, but they also voted for its content the month before. I believe the person who submitted this comic concept referred to it as “Gohan’s Harem” or something along those lines, but the idea is fairly clear. There’s some kinda time travel shenanigans going on in this comic, but given that we’ve seen that sort of thing before in this room, that hopefully won’t keep anyone from enjoying this comic.