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Li Shang Character Ask 1

Shang is such a straight shooter that I thought it’d be fun for him to give an embarrassingly sincere answer to a question like this. I like the idea of Shang be into Ping before the big reveal, and also enjoying fucking Mulan as Ping, but it’s tough for me to picture him saying he prefers Ping over Mulan. Ping, due to the comedic setups of the film, was never able to really be at ease or natural, so I feel like the more genuine and actualized Mulan would always have the edge with 

Make A Man Out of You

So I had the idea for this pic some time ago, at least a few years. I always thought Ping looked really cute, and I liked the idea of Shang fucking his ass without knowing his little secret. It was just one of countless ideas I never acted on, but drawing Mulan’s First Shoot kinda broke the ice and made it easier for me to go back and put this concept to use.