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Machete Devilstrife’s First Dare

I’ve always intended to fit in more than one Dare in a month where possible, but it’s been harder than I thought to squeeze them in. I’m trying to do so this month, though, and I liked this Dare for a couple reasons. For those less familiar with my original work, Eromugen is an old comic I did years ago, and Wars and Machete here are both from it. The comic ended before they actually got to interact, but the plan was for them to both be two corners of a love triangle with Siat Wildstar. Machete fell in love with Siat before the comic began, and Wars is in a current relationship with her so their interactions would’ve been largely antagonistic.

Bbmbbf – Siat and Machete

I haven’t posted anything like this in a while, but one of my fans commissioned this art of Siat Wildstar and Machete Devilstrife from my old comic Eromugen. The artist here is bbmbbf, who many of you may know from Palcomix. It was an incredily sweet gift, I think, and I’m told there’s more on the way eventually. I wanted to share it here with all of you as a bonus post today, since I though it was pretty cool.

Machete Devilstrife Character Ask 1

Machete Devilstrife is a character from my old comic Eromugen. She was Siat’s original owner’s bodyguard, but got fired when he caught her fooling around with Siat behind his back. Where the comic left off, we saw her living on the streets, but the plan was for her to join Wars and Siat’s party as their muscle/brawler. Around the time the comic dropped off, I was working on tweaking her design a bit, but this is the first time those intended changes are being implemented.
As for this Ask, I figured it’d be a good chance to talk about the Studio’s culture a little bit. Mostly I wanted to try drawing Machete again in 2021 (or 2022 by the time this Ask goes public). Even though she says she wouldn’t be hired for any other jobs, I did consider showing her having some fun with someone like the mentions at the end, but nothing I thought of made as much sense to me as her just talking to the camera. At least this approach lets us get a good look at her modern appearance.

Eromugen Page 38

It just occurred to me that I’m posting this on April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke! I finally finished another Eromugen page. I know this comic is going real slow right now, but that’s to be expected. Eromugen was always meant to be a side project, and here lately I’ve just been swamped with projects. I’ve got multiple commissions I’m balancing, plus a couple of other, shorter comics in production as well. I’m working on the Anime Casting Couch comic I’ve mentioned before, plus a “Sonnie the Sluthog” comic, as well as a Steven Universe comic. This is all on top of my normal workload (commissions, color jobs, plus my many non-hentai endeavors), which keeps me pretty busy.

So I did manage to squeak this page out, but I can’t really say when the next one will be coming. If you’re a fan of the comic, I apologize, but rest assured that while Eromugen may be updating once a month or so, I’m creating lots of other content for you guys to enjoy.