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Maki Zenin Character Ask 1

So this is an Ask I wanted to do basically for my own reasons… the first and last time I drew Maki and Nobara together was as a commission reward for a Subscriber. It was before I’d seen Jujutsu Kaisen or knew anything about either of them, so it didn’t mean much to me at the time. I really like their relationship in the series, though, and wanted to do something with them again, even if it’s a simple pic like this. Like with Yuji before, I don’t really ship Nobara with any of her friends, but I don’t have any problem picturing her having a fun casual sexual relationship with them.

Maki Facial

This is another Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. The idea here was for Maki to get a facial with some cum on her glasses. I’ve heard cum can be really hard to clean off of lenses, it smears around a lot I guess, so hopefully she’s able to get them cleaned well enough to see through. She kinda relies on them, since she can’t see curses without them. It’d suck if her effectiveness dropped because she kept mistaking a cum smear for a curse or somethig.


February ’23 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot comic for February 2023, using a script submitted by one of my Subscribers per usual. The idea here was framed as an inter-school competition of some sort between U.A. and Jujutsu Tech, though I don’t know if these scenes depict the contests themselves or just the participants having fun on their own during the event. Either way, there’s a lot of popular characters here, so I hope y’all will enjoy seeing them interact here.

Nobara x Maki

This is the second of my Master Tier commissions for this month. This Subscriber wanted to see Nobara fucking Maki (both from Jujutsu Kaisen) with some bondage. I don’t know anything about these two, but I hope y’all enjoy seeing them like this. Per the commissioner’s request, Maki has pubic hair here, but I expect she probably won’t if I end up drawing her again.