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Fusion Bios – Nicola Bunnerson

Nicola was a Fusion who I felt kina went under the radar. When I designed her, I looked to Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo as to which animal parts were prominent in making a “cabbit”, which seemed to be mostly bunny ears and tail with a cat’s face. I feel like Nicole’s facial elements ended up less obvious than I’d hoped for, but I still think Nicola’s kinda a fun furry. Since she’s so blue, I hope varying her color scheme with some clothing will help her come across a bit better in this second pic.

NHS Fusions – Nicola Bunnerson

The theme for this Fusion’s poll was furry ladies, and Nicole and Lola both won out in the end. Now both of the Watterson’s I’ve drawn before have been fused, which I think is interesting. Cabbits are a bit of a thing (Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo is one, for example), so that’s the direction I tried to go with her. I tried to stick with the less-stylized approach I used for Nicole’s previous appearance, while working in some of her facial features but giving her Lola’s hair and ears. I hope you all like this blue cabbit girl!