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Near Pokédex M019 – Rattata

There’s still tons of first gen Pokémon, and while I’ll never get to all of them in this series I thought Rattata would be a good one to cross off my list. Rattata are some of the first Pokémon many people encountered, being one of the common smaller ones you’ll run into early in the original games. For that reason, in my head, this feels like an essential one to do for a project like this.

Near Pokédex M509 – Purrloin

It seems like, here lately, I’ve only been getting out 1-2 Pokédex entries per year. I’d like to try and change that, so I did this one to try and get some momentum back. I sketched this Purrloin back when I did the F entry, but I’d set it aside ’cause I didn’t want to do both versions of Purrloin back-to-back. It’s been a minute now, though, and I already had the sketch so this was an easy one to jump back into for a quick entry.