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Dr. Pussycat Character Ask 1

I was reading this question and thinking over how Dr. Pussycat would actually run her practice in the Studio… Probably, like in the show, people would still come to her for anatomical advice (where’s a pleasure center, etc.), but not too many people in the Studio would be getting sick or ill. Mostly, though, I do think it’d just be people looking for her to demonstrate on them, or for things to devolve into sex. However, when thinking of who to partner her with, I was reminded of Machi and an episode where they examine how her bizarre condition works, and it seemed like something an anatomy expert from a different reality would find interesting. I also like that this is a crossover I think only I would ever do. I tried a few different poses with the concept, but ultimately I decided that this would work best for this format. I also think it’s time for Machi’s tongue to get a break, and let her body have some of the fun with a partner.

Adora Character Ask 1

So, I don’t really think of Adora as having a catgirl fetish or anything. Her connection with Catra is based more on their shared childhood experiences and escaping trauma, though being with a catgirl might make her find cat-like traits in others more attractive by association. Regardless, I did like the idea of pairing her up with someone, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw Dr. Pussycat again. This pic kinda built on top of itself with a handful of ideas, but I really like the final result.


Also, here is the Q&A vid I did for Subscribers last month:

Pussycat Checkup

This is one of those rare times when the art I do of a series is actually much tamer than the source material. Peepoodo & The Super Fuck Friends is a French animation about sex, sex education, and dirty humor made for adults. While a lot of it is intended to help adults learn some valuable things about sex they simply don’t teach in school, it’s also a very raunchy comedy that can get pretty graphic and extreme at times. The show is crowd-funded and self-hosted, so they’re able to get away with pretty much whatever they feel like. If any of this sounds interesting to you, you can check the series out here: https://peepoodo.bobbypills.com/ The episodes are around five minutes each, so it’s a quick and easy watch.
Dr. Pussycat (or Dr. Lachatte in the original French) is a catgirl doctor who dispenses most of the medical and scientific knowledge in the show. She’s also smoking hot, of course, and gets into some pretty risqué shenanigans (especially in the second season). I liked her and wanted to do something simple with her, just to get the design down and establish her in the Studio. I would like to draw her again, though I don’t know yet when or how, but if she’s popular enough there’s a good chance she’ll at least show up in Asks and stuff down the road.
Also, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month: