Interviews with Monster Girls

Sakie’s Students

I wanted to do more with the girls from Interviews with Monster Girls. I just got really attached to these ladies, and I wanted to get this pic out before I get more distance from the series itself. The dark-haired gal here is Sakie Satō, a succubus and a teacher to the other girls. Hopefuly y’all remember the dullahan Kyōko Machi from the last three times I drew her. The blonde is Hikari Takanashi, a vampire genki girl, and Yuki Kusakabe is the blue-haired girl, a timid snow woman/yuki-onna. I have other sketches from this series I might do, including images of Machi eating out each of the other girls in this pic. I’m also considering a MomSwap with Hikari and her sister and mother, maybe, but we’ll see how many of these ideas actually get made. For now, at least, I’m happy to have all the main demis in the Studio.

Munchin’ Machi 1

I checked out Interviews with Monster Girls recently, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I grew more attached than I was expecting to the four main girls of the show, but I especially liked Machi here. Even though most of the cast are monster girls/demi-chans, Machi’s the only one who is clearly not a normal human at first glance. As a dullahan, her head is disconnected and her neck shoots magic fire of some kind. I wanted to do the obvious thing and draw her pleasuring herself orally, but I couldn’t settle on a pose. So, I drew three variations of the same idea, and I think I’ll try to ink and color all of them (though we’ll see). This is the first one, for now.