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The 1 Club – Witch vs. Queen

Queen Vanda is the villain of an old show called Sport Billy. I don’t actually know much about the show itself, but her general vibe to me is like Space Maleficent, which I’m into. She was one of the earliest WWOTM’s I drew (WWOTM being the old WWOEC monthly event NHML is based on), and is one of the earliest pics I did while going into online hentai regularly. She’s one of a handful of old WWOTM ladies I’ve wanted to do something new with, and I thought it’d be fun to pair her with the top green chick in the Studio, the Butt Witch. I considered having BW go futa for this pairing, but decided against it since we’re seeing so much of that side of her in the BWBW comic. However, I kinda like this pairing, so don’t be shocked if Queen Vanda shows up in that comic somewhere down the line.