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The 1 Club – Kill La Goon

Ryūko recently hit the threshold to be eligible for the other half of the 1 Club series, so I wanted to pair her up with someone relatively quickly. When I asked my Subscribers about who she should be paired up with, Revy from Black Lagoon came up. Revy won the NHML raffle back in November of 2016, but hasn’t appeared since. I thought she’d make a good partner for Ryūko, so here they are having some fun together.

NHML – Revy

So the Near Hentai Monthly Lady for November 2016 is Revy from the anime Black Lagoon. I have a friend who really likes this show, but I’ve never really watched it myself. I don’t know much about it or the main characters, so I decided to keep this pic fairly straightforward and just have Revy showing off her body while riding some dick. There are a handful of interesting-looking female characters in this show, if I ever do end up watching it there might be more of them on here. Balalaika, Eda, Sawyer, Jane, Shenhua…. there were several I took note of. ^_^

As for Revy herself, best I can tell she’s like a more metal version of Lara Croft, at least design-wise she’s always given me that impression. I tried to reflect her action girl personality by having her pretty chill here… But honestly I don’t know enough about the character to know the best way to present her. Nonetheless, I hope you guys at least appreciate the view.