The 1 Club – Kill La Goon

Ryūko recently hit the threshold to be eligible for the other half of the 1 Club series, so I wanted to pair her up with someone relatively quickly. When I asked my Subscribers about who she should be paired up with, Revy from Black Lagoon came up. Revy won the NHML raffle back in November of 2016, but hasn’t appeared since. I thought she’d make a good partner for Ryūko, so here they are having some fun together.


  1. Deku14all

    Yes I love this so much it’s so nice to see Ryuko and Revy back these two beautiful tomboy’s I love this so much especially with the Two headed Dildo being a nice touch keep up the amazing work Near

  2. Ryu Phang

    Hey revy, you’ve been here a while and seen a few things. So I wanna know, whose got the better “gun”? Vegeta or Yusuke Urameshi?

    1. GH20

      (Last one, hope you see it)

      Character Asks are a PAID subcribers benefit only.

      Comments on pics aren’t gonna be taken into account at all.

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