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Rukia’s Halloween Costume

So this is an idea I remember bouncing around last year, but forgot about it. Something jogged my memory at the last minute, though, and I decided to try and squeeze it out before Halloween this year. The concept is simple, it’s basically the same as the Studio Santa but for Halloween. If people seem to like it, every year I can have a randomizer pick one character from the Studio who I can then pick out a Halloween costume for and draw them wearing it in a little pin-up.
Rukia won this first one, which I think is nice for her as she hasn’t managed to make another appearance since her First Shoot yet. Rukia does appear in a succubus costume in one Halloweeny episode of Bleach, but as I recall it was in a dream sequence-type story so I don’t think it necessarily represents what she’d pick out for herself to wear. I decided instead to use Rukia’s love for bunny rabbits and give her a sexy, semi-spooky gothic bunny costume that I think suits her well.

First Shoot #8 – Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is the second of three characters who tied in the last poll I did for this series. She’s also the first Bleach character I’ve drawn, I guess, so welcome aboard. While all of the partners for this series are random, Alice seemed like an especially random one to me, but when I was reminded of Rukia’s love of rabbits I got an idea for how to incorporate that into their interaction here.