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Tommy Himi Character Ask 1

I like Tommy topping Takuya about as much as I do T.K. doing the same with Matt, Tai, etc. The main reason I’ve never drawn these two before is just that they’re from well after I stopped watching Digimon, so I don’t really know them or think about them. I thought this Ask might be fun for a little run with them, though, and I hope you Digimon fans out there will enjoy this one.

Lucemon’s Temptation

This is a commission off my “fire sale” list, featuring Takuya and Koji from Digimon being tempted/seduced by Lucemon, the villain of their series. Lucemon is a Digimon based off the biblical Lucifer, so his first form (featured here) is a cherubic angel. This pic was fun to do, even if the wings were a bit of a chore (I struggle with wings, I’ve found). Still, I hope the final product is one you all can enjoy. ^_^