Lucemon’s Temptation

This is a commission off my “fire sale” list, featuring Takuya and Koji from Digimon being tempted/seduced by Lucemon, the villain of their series. Lucemon is a Digimon based off the biblical Lucifer, so his first form (featured here) is a cherubic angel. This pic was fun to do, even if the wings were a bit of a chore (I struggle with wings, I’ve found). Still, I hope the final product is one you all can enjoy. ^_^


  1. Jay

    Ok… to whomever requested this pic…. YOU… my friend… just did God’s work! Lucemon’s Rookie Stage is so fucking gorgeous, and I’m disappointed more people haven’t hopped on this bandwagon.

  2. David

    @Jay Agreed. I think it’s because Lucemon appeared only in the last few episodes of Frontier, so people didn’t get a chance to “lewd” his Rookie form as much. But gosh, he’s such a gorgeous digi. Needs to be fucked, hugs, kisses and all <33

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