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Launch Character Ask 1

This is a case of an Ask fishing for a pairing that I thought would be fun to draw, that I probably wouldn’t get around to doing anything with otherwise. I think if we ever see Tien canonically paired with someone in Dragon Ball at this point, it’ll probably be Yurin, but for the longest time Tien’s most likely straight ship was presented as Launch. I do kinda like this pairing, and I’m totally down for the idea that they’d hook up in the Studio. I didn’t have any interesting twist to present on it, though, so I went with a blunt response instead.

Riley Freeman’s First Dare

This Dare closes out the Character Ask block for August. I admit I took a guess here, since the dare didn’t specify which Riley should be performing it, but I based my assumption off of other characters this Subscriber posted Asks and such for. I know people like Riley, especially when he’s put into situations he doesn’t want to admit to enjoying, and this Dare seemed perfect for that. I could’ve used any guy for this, but I figured it’d help illustrate how many guys got to “walk” Riley during this dare if I used someone less common than, say, Goku or Luffy. Tien seemed like a good choice to me, since he’s got fairly recognizable pants and boots, so here he is with puppy Riley.

Double-Stuffed Yamcha

This commission wanted to see Krillin, Tien and Yamcha together, but beyond that I was left to my own devices. Since Yamcha has the biggest “bottom energy” in my eyes, I thought it’d be fun if the two baldies filled his ass up. I don’t have too much more to say about this one, other than I hope you guys like it. This is the first appearance of both Yamcha and Tien in my work, I think, so that’s two more of Dragon Ball’s million characters crossed off the list.