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Uzaki-chan Lets It Hang Out

After I shared the lineart for yesterday’s Magical Sempai pic, some folks pointed out to me that she had a few similarities to Uzaki-chan from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! I’d heard of the show and even had Hana Uzaki herself nominated to the NHML a couple times, so I decided to go ahead and give the show a watch. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes as of writing this, but I do like the show and Uzaki-chan is pretty charming. I decided to bust out a quick little pin-up style sketch of her, though I could see potentially revisiting her down the line if she seems popular.
Uzaki-chan’s one of three characters I’m familiar with (though I’m sure there’s plenty more) who has this flesh-fang element to their design. Interestingly enough, all three of the characters I’ve seen with this trait also have huge breasts, though I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not. I’ve now drawn two of these characters, and I’m hoping sometime not too far off I’ll get around to drawing the third.