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Vaati Character Ask 1

The funny thing about this Ask is that I actually know nothing about Vaati. I’ve never played any of the games he’s in and, in fact, hadn’t even heard of him before he was commissioned (by the same person both times, who was also the asker of this question). This means my interpretation of him is based pretty much entirely on the way he’s been commissioned. I like this reading, though, and I hope it’s not too out of character for him.


This is a commission purchased last month. It got done late because I didn’t receive instructions on what the client wanted until the last of the month, and was just barely able to get the sketch work done before leaving town for a little over a week. I got it done while I was traveling, though, and here it is.

They wanted Vaati from the Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap sitting on his throne with “trap-bait super-size man meat” and a look “holding smug levels beyond mortal man”. Hopefully that came across here in the final version.