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Yugo Character Ask 1

So I’ve put off this Ask for a few months now, I think. I’m not a huge fan of incorporating powers into porn, I usually think it looks kinda weird and not erotic (same goes for this pic). I caved and answered this one, though, knowing I wanted Yugo to be using the portals to do something to himself. I knew he could be blowing himself, since he needs his mouth free to answer, so I was gonna do this handjob thing but… It was pretty lame, and you don’t need portals to jerk yourself off. Then I thought it’d be fun to have him giving himself a footjob, something that’s very difficult to pull off without portals and also plays into the tastes a lot of my followers have, I think.

Also, a new story was added to the Literature section, written by an outside contributor, Jjaamm. It’s a cute, short little story featuring Kota and Izuku based on one of their Character Asks.


Here’s another pic done through my Mini Commission system. This person wanted to see Yugo from Wakfu receiving some anal fucking, so here’s that. Yugo’s a character I’ve gotten requests for a few times (though, oddly enough, never any of the other Wakfu characters), so hopefully those who wanted to see me draw him in the past can appreciate this pic. ^_^