Saike Demon

Yesterday I posted an (evil) angel, and today it’s a (mostly good, I guess?) demon!

This little guy is just called “Saike Demon”. He’s a bit character in the DBZ movie “Fusion Reborn”, where his carelessness causes an accident that turns him into Janemba, the movie’s villain. I always thought he was really cute, so I wanted to do a quick picture of him.


  1. TK

    Now that takes me back. His carelessness where he pays little attention to the “soul cleansing machine” emptying out the defiled fluids, thus causing the machine to explode, release the defiled smog and thus becoming the antagonist in the movie.

    What would go great with this, is either otherworld Goku and Vegeta, or better yet, Gogeta as to this day, there has been no uploaded posts of him so far, unlike with Vegito.

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